About Us

With three little boys, traveling in our van and staying at campsites the love for two wheels quickly became a necessity. Learning to ride bikes young we often found the boys outside rain or shine racing. Then came the discovery of dirt bikes and the rest is history. We soon found our family at the track racing every Thursday while also spending our weekends at Washougal MX. Combining traveling, camping in the van, and riding their dirt bikes our family has managed to take the best of the past three years and combined them into a family affair at the track.   Lil’ Smokies Racing is a lifestyle brand inspiring kids, adults and families like us who are surrounded by the sport of moto. Motocross may be an individual sport on the track, but in the pits the community gained is so much more. Where people help each other out, work on bikes together and have fun.   Loading up the van each week and gathering all things moto for the kids, we wanted Lil Smokies Racing to be an extension of our everyday. Envisioning solutions to make the amount of packing simplified. It’s rare to find anyone of the boys not in a moto tee off the track. We designed graphics for both kids and adults, but also staying grounded in our roots of where it all began.  We recently had someone say to us, “once you start moto you are in it for life”.  And for so many who ride, that ‘start’ was on a lil’ smokie.